• Warm butter at home and bring in a "sealable heat protective food container". Containers like a Klean Kanteen or Yeti keep butter warm for hours! Due to fire code, we're not allowed to have open flames at the event. This alternative is a safe and yummy alternative!
  • Don't forget to bring cash to the event. Why wait in the CC line for drink tickets. Walk straight to the bar and purchase drink tickets on the left side, making the experience easier and quicker. Also, purchasing any of our specialty raffles like the "keys" or "card raffles" require cash. These sell out quick so find someone upon entry before your chance is gone!
  • No outside alcohol permitted.
  • You will be asked to show valid ID upon entry if you wish to consume alcohol. Have them ready!
  • All bar tips are donated to Shady Creek Outdoor Education Foundation. So while you sip up that evening, don't forget to "tip" the bartender for a good cause!
  • Your dinner servers are local high school Interact Club students. All tips at the table go back to them. We appreciate their help, they appreciate your kindness! DON'T FORGET TO TIP. Place cash in the envelopes located in the middle of your tables.
  • Yes, this is an all-you-can-eat event! Keep in mind that is "while you are here." If you really want to take some home, sometimes that is an option through the kitchen, at the end of the night. Please see your server towards the end of dinner and ask if you can purchase crab to go!

    For our guests, who don't enjoy the seafood portion of dinner, we're providing chicken breasts at each table. Please see that those that don’t eat crab get to enjoy the chicken.